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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

#179 - Letter "U" and Quotation

I cannot believe that our year of alphabet tags is nearly over! I have loved this theme so much! So much so I have a dedicated page on my blog where I've kept all the links! Luckily for me we have a few more to go and this fortnight I chose the Letter 'U' and 'Quotation' as our theme. I have been so incredibly impressed by your tags so far and I know you'll be just as creative and inventive this fortnight! A huge thanks to Catherine for being our Guest Designer! Gabrielle x

Catherine - Umberella

Gabrielle - Untried

                                                                           MAY- Umbrella
Julie Ann - Unseen

Helen - Umbrella

Jax - Undead

Silvia - Uhr (Clock)

Elizabeth - United Kingdom
Welcome and thank you to our guest designer Catherine, who along with the rest of the design team has created some amazing artwork. 
So this time around we would like to see the letter "U" and a quotation on your tags, and as usual at least one real stamp.
Elizabeth xxx


catherine said...

Thank you so much for having me as guest designer this challenge and you have all created fabulous pieces
x catherine

Rein said...

Great challenge and wonderful samples!