Welcome to the TIO challenge. I am pleased to see you here. Every other Wednesday, I shall dare you to dream up a tag, and will come and look at your blog. I am really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

DragonsDreamboat3 #5 In a heartbeat

Well we had some wonderful entries for this challenge , so thanks so much! It is great fun to see all the quirky and creative ideas out there and hard to choose the 3 dreamboats..
so here are our dreamboats for this challenge,In a heartbeat, in no particular order...

8 Keren
11 Ana K
13 Butterfly

please grab our DragonDreamboat for your sidebar..

 What a great set of entries we had, some really fab takes on the challenge... Our present recipe, the first in this round, is still on, so why not join in and dream with us?? We are doing "Autumn misty glaze" so lots of great things to include in a tag!!

love Trace

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

TIO #125 "Misty Autumn Glaze"

Firstly a huge thank you for all of your fantastic enties in the last challenge "In A Heartbeat".  So very hard to choose the "Dreamboat Three" from those wonderful creations, but Trace will announce the winners soon!

So it's back to my turn to choose the theme with "Misty Autumn Glaze" I would like to see Mica/Ink Mists, Autumn Colours, Glaze and as always at least one real stamp on your tag please. So there's me dreaming of Autumn days whilst our Dragon is away dreaming in the sunshine and recharging her batteries. Elizabeth.


Haven't my team mates come up with some amazing tags yet again, check out their great blogs for further inspiration. I hope you dream along with us this time, just follow the recipe and don't forget to use at least one real stamp on your tag.
Elizabeth xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

DragonsDreamBoat3 #4 - It's Art for Art's Sake

At last, I hear you cry... I am so sorry for not doing this on the proper day, but I have no excuses!! So straight to work now...

Oh my goodness!! I thought it would be a fun and silly opportunity to make something really "off the wall". And did you rise to the occasion!!!! YES!!! I have been knocked out by how inventive you all were, guys!! And I was also chuffed that so many of you entered my challenge. We are trying to build up the number of participants, so why not tell your friends what good fun it is here!!?? So without more ado, here are our DragonsDreamBoat3 peeps for Art's for Art's Sake, in no particular order...

Cath - Arts N Cath
Sam - Sam21Ski
Keren - Altered Ego

So there they are in all their glory!!! What a great set of entries and what worthy picks this time... Our present recipe, the last in this round, is still on, so why not join in and dream with us?? We are doing "In a Heartbeat" so plenty of scope for a great tag!!
Love and light

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

TIO #124 - "In a Heartbeat"

Hi all, well it is nervous me, Trace, and my first time to choose the challenge for this fortnight's recipe...
the theme is In a Heartbeat and the recipe is :

a beating heart, a weathered timepiece and a bit of grunge..

Now is the time to let your imagination run wild and dream up something wonderful. Your entries last time round have been fantastic and there is plenty of great DT inspiration here, to get your creative juices flowing for this one...
Remember, to run wild and have fun. The only rules are to use the recipe, make a tag and use at least one real stamp. The rest is for you to dream up!!
Well there you have them, in all their glory, people!! My team rocks!! Don't forget to visit our individual blogs for details and some different angles, maybe. It's down to you now to get inky and dreamy... but most of all ENJOY!!!

I am VERY sorry - entirely MY fault. I forgot to announce the winner of the Art for Art's sake DragonsDreamBoat 3 last week... no excuses, I am just BAD!! So come back FRIDAY to see who won our special badge of honour

Love and light