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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

TIO #106 - The Da Vinci Code - Homage to the Great Man

Well yet another week has flown by. I really must thank everyone who entered last week's challenge - what a beautiful selection of Oriental tags, every one of them different but every one stunning. It is my (blackdragon) turn to pick the challenge this week, and we are still being inspired by film titles.... if you thought....'She'll pick something gothic horror-ish.....' NO! ......I chose 'The da vinci code'..... so please take inspiration from... (in my humble opinion) the greatest artist who ever lived.... LEONARDO da VINCI. I couldn't help myself.... I made two tags instead of one.... I hope you'll be as inspired by da Vinci as I am...





I did not get any time to have a go at my beloved oriental theme last week... just too many things tto be done to be prepared for mum. I have not forgotten about my promise to do a giveaway, so tada!!! the winner of my random draw for the Steampunk theme from Wanda a couple of weeks ago is

So please get in touch on my email and I will send you the tag below, made as part of a larger piece here

.So there we are for yet another week... rolling on to Christmas.... and with that in mind and the imminent arrival of my mum, we are having two weeks for this theme. We will be back with a science fiction/fantasy theme from me which will be gothic/Victorian/steampunk. Then there will be a total break until mid January to give us all a rest and time to enjoy the season - the team is struggling as well as myself, just now, so this break will do everyone a lot of good... We WILL be back, so keep watching after Christmas!!! Meanwhile, some Da Vinci please, and most of all, ENJOY!!!
Love and light


Sue said...

Wow Frankie, thank you so much, I'll have to get my thinking cap on for The Davinci Code lol x

Netty said...

Great subject and fab entries from the team. At the moment I am up to my ears in christmas cards......sob sob xx

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Great examples...loll but I don't have the right stamps :-P

greetings, Alie

chrissie said...

Beautiful tags as always--sorry I don't have any of the stamps but still had a go


Janet said...

This was a difficult one! Lots of thinking involved here. (v. dangerous!)

Janet xx