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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

TIO # 85 - Oh I do like to be Beside the Sea

Thank you all who joined us last week it is great to see so many people joining us and sharing such great dream tags with us. We are all so excited about how we are starting to grow again, so long may you share with us. This week it is my (Zoe) turn to lead the dream, so I hope you will like this one.

Virtually all my life I've lived near the coast, the sea is part of my landscape.  On its good calm days its a fun playground.  Other times it is exciting, thrilling and a little frightening what ever sort of day it is, the sea is never the same. What else could the dream be this week if not 'beside the sea'. Your dream can take any tag form that appeals to you, as  we love it all, so long as you use a rubber or clear stamp on your tag, and most importantly, enjoy yourself.



What a varied set again this week... I so love seeing what my talented team turns up with... they are choosing their own themes, and this one really challenged me, as I don't have anything seaside!! Anyway, join in with at least one real stamp, if only a word!! and ENJOY!!!
Love and Light


Netty said...

All fabby examples. x

Artyjen said...

Gorgeous tags...everyone!
Thanks for great inspiration.
xoxo Sioux

Laura said...

I have something to add. Will see to it tomorrow!

Laura said...

My tag is added. Hope you enjoy it.

Sesenarts said...

My stamp on the image is the base for the sewn waves. :-)Julie