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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

TIO #30 Willow Pattern Story - Guest Hostess

From our lovely Karen... 
Here is my tag for this week, hope you like it??? Just a little bit about my idea....

The first thing that most people associate with the Orient is the Willow Pattern, but how many realise that it represents a beautiful love story....

....In ancient China a powerful nobleman lived in a palace with his beautiful daughter. The Palace was surrounded by gardens with fruit trees & a lovely willow. But the daughter fell in love with her father's humble clerk, against her father's wishes. The clerk was dismissed & they were forbidden to see each other. A zig-zag fence was built around the gardens so that the poor clerk could not enter. However the two lovers fled & escaped across a bridge, with her father chasing them. The lovers travelled to a distant land but the nobleman sent his men to kill them. When the Gods saw what was happening, they transformed the couple into a pair of lovebirds....

So this week I would like everyone to dream about the Willow Pattern Story.

Wow !!! Arn't I lucky to have just great crafty friends who are SO talented!! So there you have your theme and I hope you enjoy it to the full. Please make your own interpretation and use at least one REAL stamp, somewhere!! And don't forget the blog candy is still up for grabs if you enter and link through...
Thanks Karen



blackdragon said...

Such a beautiful tag Karen... and story... i shall do a tag this evening... time permitting!
Do i get a shot at this yummy candy Frankie?
with love to you both lynx

blackdragon said...


My tag is done my friend.... same day as the challenge was set... thats a 1st for me!
Keep safe... love lynx

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Hello :)
Can you define "real" as refers to stamps in your post? Are digi stamps disallowed?

Jeanette said...

Oops, I didn't make a hole or use a fastener on my card. I should read the instructions before starting, not afterwards. I loved the theme story and my tag is here if you want to see


Cheryl said...

hi gorjus work hunny you can see my entry here hugs cheryl x

Claire said...

Fab challenge,I didn't know the willow pattern story so it was a real inspiration, my tag is here
Claire xx

jane said...

Here is my tag. Thanks for looking
Luv Jane xxx


Kymberly said...

Hello Karen! I loved your tag! It is so pretty! What a great idea for a challenge! And I loved the story...so interesting! I never read about it before and am so glad that you shared it with us!Makes the challenge really special when a story is added to the theme!

I wonder if this story is connected to the Blue Willow China Set that everyone collected in the 1950's!?

Here is my link:

Thank you,

Kymberly said...

Well...I'm the BIG DUMMY! Of course...this has everything to do with the Blue Willow China Pattern!! If I would just slow down and read sometimes I might know what I was doing!! Can I use the excuse that I have had 4 kids home from spring break for two weeks?

Kymberly said...

Hello! I left a message yesterday but somehow I don't think it got through!

Here is my entry:


Thank you,