Welcome to the TIO challenge. I am pleased to see you here. Every other Wednesday, I shall dare you to dream up a tag, and will come and look at your blog. I am really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Finally back on line!!!! So many problems with my connection but just in time to be whisked off for my op!!! Yes it is TODAY now, October 14th... so please forgive me for not being around or coming to visit you. I shall try to take my machine into the hospital if they will let me, otherwise I will come and see all your wonderful work when I get out, hopefully at the weekend...

It will be a new era for me with my other hip finally sorted so please keep watching this space!!

LOVE and LIGHT to you all out there...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hi Everyone...

Hi All,

Back from my painting holiday. Mostly had a great time and the painting went very well.. I did some nice ones and will try to get images on my WEB blog later. Some probs though and the travelling was agony with my poor old hip. I now have a date next week for the operation, so let's hope it all goes well and I get on my feet soon. It should have been 15th, then it was postponed and now it is 14th!!!!!!!!!! Can't come soon enough.

Been so long getting here as my internet is playing up again and I am out here on Fred's dongle,,, so limited access sometimes. At least I am on for a while.

Off to make my tag for next week - AUTUMN - and to prepare one for the week I will be in hospital and unavailable. Thanks for all your lovely messages... will get to you all personally as quickly as I can!!!

Love and light to you all out there - I have really missed you- oh and a VERY WARM welcome to you new people, I am so pleased you have joined us!!!