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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hectic Weekend - Swollen Leg!!!

Sorry to be late with my challenge this week. I had a very special visitor last weekend - a very famous Bagua Quan Master... he came to do a seminar on his work with our Taiji Quan group and stayed here at my home... he practised in my garden and was very pleased with it's energy!!

However, I worked as hard as possible and then walked around Warwick Castle with him on Monday, and my whole left leg has swollen badly... off to the doc this afternoon. My hip is also protesting loudly and I have the leg resting!!! Most of you know I am awaiting surgery on the hip, very soon. Tag will follow asap and will run until after my holiday, which starts on my birhtday, 21st September - off with Rainbow Lady to Europe, painting...


Karen said...

Oh Frankie...how awful & just before your hols!!! Hope its sorted soon. But what an illustrious visitor to have...that must have been a really special time for you XXX

Rhonda said...

My goodness Frankie! You are having a lot of ups and downs. Your retreat sounded lovely and I'm sure you enjoyed your houseguest and what a nice compliment to your gardening skills! But now a leg thing, I hope it gets sorted soon and your hip too. Take care and get well soon. Cheers!

Kristen said...

You and I have near birthdays, mine is the 25th, we are just bordering on the signs then!
Sorry about your leg, I hope you feel better soon!!!
Happy Birthday though!
See you soon!!!


peggy gatto said...

So sorry!!!!!!
Heal fast!
My son's birthday is the 21st also, now it is a double celebration day!!

Christine said...

Oh Frankie, sorry to read you are having trouble with your leg and just before go go on your 'big adventure' with Cynthia.
Hope you have a fab time, (I know the both of you) so am sure you will LOL.
Enjoy your birthday, your card will be waiting when you return, slight delay due to being on hols myself.
Love & Hugs
Christine xxxx

ArtSnark said...

Hope you feel better :D Early birthday wishes to you :D