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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

TIO #15 - Nature's Beauty - Guest Hostess Beth

Here is our lovely Beth, The Queen of Cups, and her challenge for TIO #15. Her theme is Nature's Beauty. She says

Please make a tag that includes something of what you consider natural beauty, from something from Mother Nature to something beautiful in your life. It might be nice to include some bit of nature on your tag too!! (Frankie adds, please use at least one stamp...)

"Hmmmmm... something about me! I'm a SAHM who likes to thnk of herself as an artist! Collage and mixed media are my favourite types of art, and I usually add rubber stamping into each project. I sell on esty and 1000Markets under the name of The Queen of Cups. I also love to blog, as The Queen of Cups Runneth Over.. Many thanks to the fabulous Frankie for letting me be the guest hostess on her glorious blog!! Happy Day!! Beth"

So there you have it... I am sorry to be late posting this, but I am rather shaky today, of all days, as it's 2 years, today, since my beloved Pete died. It feels so odd to be writing that... I still don't believe it sometimes. Please join in with Beth's challenge. She has worked very hard to give us 2 pieces for inspiration. Thanks SO much Beth - Enjoy, everyone!!


Karen said...

Oh Frankie, I am thinking of you today sweetie. I hope you are remembering all the good times. BIG HUGS XXX

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Best wishes to everyone with the challenge! I hope you have fun!
Please, let's keep our dear Frankie in our thoughts as we all adore her so much.
Happy day!

blackdragon said...

I have an arm around your shoulder today frankie... be strong my friend... we all need time.

great challenge beth.. beautiful work. love lynx

Kristen said...

Hi Frankie, thoughts and prayers are with you today! Sorry I haven't been around. My brother passed away in early July, then we had to put our 11 year old Chocolate Lab down, then to top it all off we moved in the same month!!! Hectic and emotional month. I am back to play though, so expect something from me in a little while.
I hope you have a great day, and I can empathize with you because I miss my brother something awful! My mom called us her twins even though we were 7 years apart because we had a twin like connection. We can send each other cyber hugs today. Love and God's Care, Kristen!

Rhonda said...

Thank you for posting the challenge today Beth, I will put my tag up later. I just wanted to give my love to Frankie and to let her know that hearts around the world are taking in some of her sadness today and hopefully that will lighten the burden in just the tiniest way. From sadness comes love. Hang in there Frankie, these anniversaries are tough. Rhonda xox

lisa said...

Just sending you a big hug Frankie. My thoughts are with you today. These Anniversaries are so tough but you have lots and lots of people thinking about you.
Lots of Love

P.s. I will post my tag later.

ArtSnark said...

great theme. Love Beth's art.

1st time visitor but sending virtual hugs :D

Kersten said...

Such a beautiful challenge -

And Frankie, hang in there. You're in our thoughts! Spend some time in your lovely garden today and ponder everything good in your life, both past and present.


Karen said...

Hi Frankie...I hope you are feeling a little better today, HUGS XXX

Thank you Beth for a lovely theme XXX

My entry is here

Paula said...

Fabulous challenge, great art, Beth.
My Tag

Rhonda said...

A little late, but here is my entry for this terrific theme. Beth's samples are wonderful, love the organic elements on them. Mine is on my blog. Cheers!


Kristen said...

Here is my card, thank you for looking Thank you for the fun challenge too!!!
I said I would post later, just didn't know it would be a day later.


Hope you are feeling A OK today. Love, Kristen!

Jill said...

here's mine

Thanks for posting the challenge during such a difficult time for you. Best wishes

lilibulle said...

hi girls!! hi frankie!!
my entry is on my blog!! regards F.

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

What wonderful wishes for Frankie! She surely deserves every bit of peace that we can bestow on her!
Thank you all for your beautiful entries into the challenge. They are all so unique and gorgeous and full of beauty!
Happy Day!

blackdragon said...

finally got mine done....


thanks for looking

Dragon said...

Finally made my own tag!!! Thanks Beth for a sterling job done...