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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

TIO #11 Passion - The Heart Song

Happy Wednesday again... Well, those of you following my little story will know why I have chosen Passion - The Heart Song, as my theme this week, here at TIO!! This tag continues the tale and is full of red and gold and texture, as well as purple passion... and a heart made whole by love...

Please create a tag with at least one real stamp, on the theme of Passion. Think around it, and dream your own interpretation. It could be the colour, a passion for a hobby (!!) or a religion, or way of life... It's my theme but your tag - ENJOY!!


Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

This was definitely a tough one. I think I interpreted it a bit oddly, but here is my tag nonetheless.

Karen said...

I have really enjoyed doing this on Frankie. Just like you I have found someone again!!!

You can find mine here


Gayle Page-Robak said...

Gayle's Passion

joanne wardle said...

here's mine

Kersten said...

Wonderful challenge! I like putting this one together.


Rhonda said...

Your tag is wonderful Frankie, definitely lots of passion! Thanks for the inspiration. Cheers! Mine is on my blog:


Faye said...

Your inspiration piece is fabulous, Frankie. So gorgeous. My entry is on my blog.


spiritofcreativity said...

Yaaaaaaay! Made it this week Frankie!! Great theme too and I loved making mine :o)
You'll find it here
Ann x

Lori said...

Here is mine.


Jill said...

Here's mine

Thanks for looking

AliMayes said...

Mine is here
Thanks for looking,
Ali xx

Rainbow Lady said...

Here is mine - I think they are in love. Thanks for looking Love Cynthia x

jane said...

Here is my tag. Hope you like it thanks for looking.
Luv Jane xxx


lisa said...

Another great theme Frankie.

You can see my tag here.


blackdragon said...

What beautiful tags everyone has made.
yours is wonderful frankie... from the heart... so is mine... from the heart i mean.


Thanks for taking time to look.
love lynx

Christine said...

Beautiful Tag Frankie, you can see my interpretation on my blog:
Christine xxx