Welcome to the TIO challenge. I am pleased to see you here. Every other Wednesday, I shall dare you to dream up a tag, and will come and look at your blog. I am really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

TIO #27 - Christmas

Well, I finally succumbed and made it Christmas this week!!! it just had to happen, and it will be for the next 2 weeks... so you have time if you want to join in this time... I have very few actual Christmas stamps, so mine are quite tame, but I am sure you will come up with wonderful ideas when you dream your tag this time.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to thank you all for looking, joining in and commenting since this blog began a few months ago. I wish you all you wish yourselves and just remind you to use at least one real stamp and to ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

TIO #26 - Watch The Birdie

Getting close to Christmas now, so that will be next week!! But for now I would like you to dream about birds... Watch the birdie is the title, but you can interpret it any way you like, so long as you have at least one real stamp.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

TIO #25 - Blue Moon

The quarter century tag this week and it is to dream a concoction called blue moon. Any configuration so long as it has a moon and it is blues!!! with at least one real stamp... I hope more of you find time or inclination to have a go this week... I think I stumped some of you last time!!


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

TIO #24 - Gothic Scrolls Arched Tag

Welcome to TIO #24, which is to create a tag in the shape of an arch, to make it look Gothic and to use scrolls and swirls.... LOTS to get your teeth into this week. I look forward to seeing your dreams in tag form and just what gorgeous stamps you come up with!!! At least one, please, but any other stuff you add will be great, I am sure!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

TIO #23 Face to Face

Here we are for the next challenge. Hope I can make it weekly again now, as I get back to more normal craftng life!! Thanks to all of you who have asked about me and sent such lovely comments.

The dream this week is to use your alcohol inks and / or markers, to create a tag on the theme of FACE... Any colour scheme, but please use at least one real stamp. I used the Judikins treasure cube and vivid inks, printing over citrus, sunshine yellow and mountain rose. The background uses the tool and the dropping techniques. I am so looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

TIO #22 - Fruits of my Labour

Well, I am finally back at my desk, for shortish spells, after my hip operation. Sorry it has taken so long to get to you all, but it is only three weeks since I had the op and I still get quite tired. But I am on the mend and the scar is doing well and I am walking with one crutch. Thanks to all of those of you who have left me messages and have visited my blogs in my absence.

Here we go then with another TIO DragonsDream challenge... Dragon would like you to dream a tag which contains an image(s) of fruit, in appropriate colours. I chose to use a new stamp, to me, from A Stamp in the Hand - a pack of pears. The pear colours of the background were achieved by rubbing distress inks over a shiny card - mustard seed, peeled paint, marigold and marmalade, and brushed corduroy. The images are stamped in onyx black and embossed in clear ep. Splatter pattern stamp, from Judikins, provides a gentle distress to the background. Simple, but effective, I think. Please use at least one REAL stamp...

This was the tag I made for TIO #21. I did not get to post it because of the holiday, operation and problems with my internet access!!! It is now mounted up to be a card for a friend's birthday. Thanks for looking... xx
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Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Finally back on line!!!! So many problems with my connection but just in time to be whisked off for my op!!! Yes it is TODAY now, October 14th... so please forgive me for not being around or coming to visit you. I shall try to take my machine into the hospital if they will let me, otherwise I will come and see all your wonderful work when I get out, hopefully at the weekend...

It will be a new era for me with my other hip finally sorted so please keep watching this space!!

LOVE and LIGHT to you all out there...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hi Everyone...

Hi All,

Back from my painting holiday. Mostly had a great time and the painting went very well.. I did some nice ones and will try to get images on my WEB blog later. Some probs though and the travelling was agony with my poor old hip. I now have a date next week for the operation, so let's hope it all goes well and I get on my feet soon. It should have been 15th, then it was postponed and now it is 14th!!!!!!!!!! Can't come soon enough.

Been so long getting here as my internet is playing up again and I am out here on Fred's dongle,,, so limited access sometimes. At least I am on for a while.

Off to make my tag for next week - AUTUMN - and to prepare one for the week I will be in hospital and unavailable. Thanks for all your lovely messages... will get to you all personally as quickly as I can!!!

Love and light to you all out there - I have really missed you- oh and a VERY WARM welcome to you new people, I am so pleased you have joined us!!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

TIO #21 - Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Sorry, but no time for an inspirational tag this time... off on hols with Rainbow Lady!!!! Bet she is better organised than me...!!!!!!!

My leg is much better but the hip is about the same...thanks for asking thise who did...

Please do a tag for OCTOBER 14th - yes you have loads of time this time... It should be on the theme of AUTUMN and be in those sorts of colours... and have at least one REALLY TRULY stamp on it....

Please enjoy yourselves and I will see you all and your creations when I get back...
Thanks for looking

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hectic Weekend - Swollen Leg!!!

Sorry to be late with my challenge this week. I had a very special visitor last weekend - a very famous Bagua Quan Master... he came to do a seminar on his work with our Taiji Quan group and stayed here at my home... he practised in my garden and was very pleased with it's energy!!

However, I worked as hard as possible and then walked around Warwick Castle with him on Monday, and my whole left leg has swollen badly... off to the doc this afternoon. My hip is also protesting loudly and I have the leg resting!!! Most of you know I am awaiting surgery on the hip, very soon. Tag will follow asap and will run until after my holiday, which starts on my birhtday, 21st September - off with Rainbow Lady to Europe, painting...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

TIO #20 - Text it to me - make it purple!!

Here is the 20th TIO challenge - text it to me - make it purple!! Please make a tag of any shape or size, with lots of text of your choice, but in basic purple colour tones. Your work should include at least one REAL stamp, please.
ENJOY your dreaming...

PS... Karen has done ALL 20 of these dragonsdreams!!! Can anyone else say the same?? Could be a little prize in it...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

TIO #19 - Up, Up and Away...

Welcome to TIO #19... can you believe it is that many already!!?? Sorry to be late posting , AGAIN this week, but I have had a very hectic bank holiday weekend, off with my Freddie to a horse show then getting my brand new 59 plate mini cooper in red and black - you would NEVER have guessed that colour scheme eh!!?? Fred used to own horses and ride, and is still mad on it, to be honest... he wants me to ride too, next year, when my second hip is all done and healed... we will see... meanwhile, we have booked our "honeymoon" in Venice for next June, so that is also very romantic... ANYWAY - to business!!

Please dream yourself a tag this week on the theme - up, up and away.. I decided to go with the dragonflies but it could be butterflies... think aeroplanes or balloons, birds etc. but most of all, have fun, and include at least one really truly stamp... I am still trying to keep it alive and not go digi stamping, myself!!! Love and light to you, and thanks for visiting.

Dragon says - ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

TIO #18 - Bookmark It

Here I am at last with TIO #18... have had problems with my modem, so please forgive me!! Thanks for stopping by again this time... This week, I would like you to dream a bookmark tag... any colour, any theme... just to be the shape and size of a bookmark, and with at least one real stamp, please. ENJOY!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

TIO #17 A Circle Embraces, a line divides

Welcome to another TIO DragonsDream, where this week, the Dragon dreamed a circle. Please make a circular tag any size (this one is dvd sized) on the theme of a circle embraces, a line divides, and it should contain at least one real stamp element, please.

This theme was inspired by the fact that the Dragon got engaged / betrothed to her darling Freddie this week - On Monday!! Please visit DragonsWeb to see the lovely ring he gave her. Their story just goes from strength to strength, and he has helped her to live again... hence the sentiment on this week's tag. ENJOY your dreaming!!!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

TIO #16 Strictly for the Birds

Thanks to Beth for her super challenge last week.... so here I go with TIO #16 - strictly for the birds. I would like you to dream up a tag which evokes that theme... and it should have at least one really truly stamp, please. I have used a combination here, and interpreted actual birds, but you might think right outside yourself this week???

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

TIO #15 - Nature's Beauty - Guest Hostess Beth

Here is our lovely Beth, The Queen of Cups, and her challenge for TIO #15. Her theme is Nature's Beauty. She says

Please make a tag that includes something of what you consider natural beauty, from something from Mother Nature to something beautiful in your life. It might be nice to include some bit of nature on your tag too!! (Frankie adds, please use at least one stamp...)

"Hmmmmm... something about me! I'm a SAHM who likes to thnk of herself as an artist! Collage and mixed media are my favourite types of art, and I usually add rubber stamping into each project. I sell on esty and 1000Markets under the name of The Queen of Cups. I also love to blog, as The Queen of Cups Runneth Over.. Many thanks to the fabulous Frankie for letting me be the guest hostess on her glorious blog!! Happy Day!! Beth"

So there you have it... I am sorry to be late posting this, but I am rather shaky today, of all days, as it's 2 years, today, since my beloved Pete died. It feels so odd to be writing that... I still don't believe it sometimes. Please join in with Beth's challenge. She has worked very hard to give us 2 pieces for inspiration. Thanks SO much Beth - Enjoy, everyone!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

TIO #14 - Time Flies

TIO Week #14 and another challenge for you taggers ... on the theme of time flies. My interpretation comes from the song "Ti Amero" by Il Divo. Fred introduced me to their music, and I love the Ancora and Il Divo discs. The words are - "the night creeps over the world..." so I would like you to create your tag on the lines of time flying. Please use at least one real stamp, but use your own interpretation of the idea. Above all - ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

TIO #13 - Spots and Swirls in Pink

Unlucky for some... TIO #13!! How time flies... This week, I have been influenced by the moon landing and the longest eclipse of the century in my choice of stamps to use on my tag. I have been thinking spots and swirls and the colour pink, so I would like you to dream up a tag on that theme, please. Any subject and other colours, but there must be some pink and at least one real stamp to make your piece, with spots (dots) and swirls prominently displayed!! You can catch up on how I made mine on my DragonsWeb blog... ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TIO # 12 Carte Postale (Oriental Lady)

Week 12 and here we are again. This week I want you to create a postcard tag... but it can be any size you like - mine is actually A5!! Not many more rules, really - just a postcard themed tag, but it must have at least one really, truly stamp!!! ENJOY...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

TIO #11 Passion - The Heart Song

Happy Wednesday again... Well, those of you following my little story will know why I have chosen Passion - The Heart Song, as my theme this week, here at TIO!! This tag continues the tale and is full of red and gold and texture, as well as purple passion... and a heart made whole by love...

Please create a tag with at least one real stamp, on the theme of Passion. Think around it, and dream your own interpretation. It could be the colour, a passion for a hobby (!!) or a religion, or way of life... It's my theme but your tag - ENJOY!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

TIO #10 Say it with Flowers

Well, here we are at #10!! Where have these weeks gone?? I have spent some wonderful hours looking at all your blogs... so , welcome, if you are new, and welcome back if you have played before...

Since I met Fred, I have received flowers again!! I LOVE flowers, so this week , I want you to make a tag on that theme - say it with flowers. Any colour scheme, any size etc... just so long as it is a tag and has at least one REAL stamp on it... ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

TIO #9 Eternal Goddess

Here we go with the 9th challenge from DragonsDream... please make a tag on the theme of Eternal Goddess. Think woman, earth colours, ancient goddess figure, angelic personage etc. Just as long as it's a tag, with at least one stamp!! Thanks for visiting the Dragon again this week, and please enjoy the challenge to your art xx

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

TIO #8 - Simplicity and Serenity

Well, here I am, back from the Stamp Addicts' Retreat at the weekend. We had a fabulous time and worked on some wonderful projects. Part of one of them was to make a tag. I did not follow the rules exactly (nothing new there then!!!) but found this fabulous stamp and simply stamped it three times.

So that is the challenge this week - Simplicity and Serenity - just make something elegant and sophisticated, as simply as you like. Any shape size etc, so long as it is a tag, and uses as least one stamp. Above all, ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

TIO #7 Challenge - Treasure - Dragon's Hoard

On to the next challange, then... Please make a tag of any size or shape, with your interpretation of - Treasure. It might be a colour scheme, Pirate doubloons, a treasured image, pet or person... it's entirely up to you, so long as it fits the idea of "treasure". Mine is the Fiery Dragon's Hoard, but that's only my interpretation!! As ever, please use at least one stamp, and please include a link to my blog, when you post your work on your own blog. It's surprising the number who don't!!

Thanks for playing the Dragon's little games again this week, and forgive her if she does not pick up your entries straight away, as she is going away, on a weekend stamping retreat with Cynthia - Rainbow Lady!!! with the Stamp Addicts girls!!! Woo hoo!!!


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

TIO #6 - Dragonflies and Butterflies

Gosh, are we on week 6 already?? Yes we are, so I would like you to create a tag of any shape or dimension, on this new theme of - Dragonflies and Butterflies. Both are deeply spiritual in significance to the Chinese, being representative of rebirth, immortality and the soul. Butterflies are often used in art to denote joy, longevity and conjugal bliss, being known as the Chinese Cupid. Dragonflies can symbolise activity, swiftness and adaptation, and our ability to transform ourselves through a spiritual awakening.
So the Dragon has dreamed the dream, and you are encouraged to show your talent and art with this theme, and to include at least one stamp... Oh and please include a link to my blog when you post your work, thanks. ENJOY!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

TIO #5 - Walk Like an Egyptian

Well, last week was a great challenge and some of you came up with the most wonderful creations... We had 26 entries altogether... Thanks so much for playing with my dreams!!

Last week's sampler showing below.

Another week and another challenge. This time I would like you to do something with an Egyptian flavour, hence Walk Like an Egyptian. At least one stamp please, and that's about it.... not too many restrictions this time as you all played so nicely last week!! It could just be the colours you associate with ancient Egypt. So over to you, any tag any shape, any colour so long as it is walking like an Egyptian!! ENJOY!!

The person who came out of the draw is...... da da.......

Wanda!!!!!! Yey... she is on the Creating Rainbows forum and does not blog... Well done you... I will send the goodies to you shortly, honey.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

TIO #4 - Oriental ... China Blue

Hello. It's my turn again. Thanks Ali for your challenge and all who took it up. I actually SOLD the tag I made... so I was well pleased with that one!!!

Last Week's Sampler Below

Now for something very different. This week will be Oriental - China Blue. I do hope you will like this one. I love oriental, as you may have guessed by now, and I love this china blue colour... so there you are. Over to you. Any tag shape, any subject, so long as it is oriental, and it must be blue, with at least one stamp. Enjoy....

As an added bonus, there will be a prize this week for the tag that comes out of the random hat!! Picture opposite on the right ... great goodies from Jasmines Cards, donated by Sam, the lovely lady there. I think Jasmine is her cat!!! Do go along and have a look at her shop - GREAT price on Cosmic Shimmers, ladies, and the service is brilliant!! So thanks, Sam for your generousity.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Welcome Ali - TIO #3 Rhubarb Crumble and Custard!!

Thanks to everyone who took part last week. Some wonderful tags were to be found on your blogs. Our first Guest Hostess, here at the TIO challenge is Ali Mayes. She has made us a fantastic tag on her chosen theme. The picture below is a close-up she wanted to share with us.

So what theme has she set us? Very intriguing, it's title is Rhubarb Crumble and Custard... Let her introduce it herself:-

My challenge for you is Rhubarb Crumble and Custard! I can see my enormous rhubarb plant as I look out of my craft room and it is what inspired the challenge. Your task is to use pink (for the rhubarb) yellow (for the custard) and texture (for the crumble) You must use at least one stamp and 2 embellishments.

About me... My name is Ali and I live in the country with two demanding cats. I am fast turning into an eccentric old lady, only kept sane (I hope) by my crafting. I enjoy all sorts of paper crafting but, being terribly untidy, I must admit that ATCs, moos and inchies hold great appeal, as they take up such a small space on my craft table. I can also plead guilty to buying crafty things that seem to disappear within minutes, only to appear again when I've either bought a replacement or completely forgotten about them!! Enjoy the challenge and have fun!!

Thanks Ali... shall have to get my thinking cap on, but it is a very interesting theme!! ENJOY!!


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

TIO #2 "Fairies at the bottom of the Garden"

Here we go then for the second challenge. I had great fun looking at your tags last week, (sampler below) and hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. I would like you to make a tag of any shape and size with the theme of Fairies at the bottom of the garden. Please use at least one stamp, as always, and post your message here with a clear link to your blog. Thanks for joining in and as always - ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tag It On Challenge #1 Time and Tide

Welcome to the first, official Tag it On (TIO) challenge. The subject for this launch tag is Time and Tide. I would like to challenge you to dream up a tag in any shape or size you like, following the theme, in any way you can think of. I would like you to use AT LEAST one stamp, as I am part of the movement to get the world stamping this year!!!

When you have finished your piece, please post it on your blog with a clear link to my blog. Leave me your message and where to find your piece and I will come and visit you!!!

Over to you now for this first week... ENJOY!!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Welcome to Tag it On Challenge

Hi, here is my new site for the Tag it On challenge. It will begin, officially, in one week from now - Wednesday 29th April.

I do hope you will enjoy it, and that we can all challenge our creativity in this format. If you would like to be a guest hostess, please message me and let me know. My offering here, is on the theme of blossom. If you want to have a pre-opening challenge, I would be really pleased to see your pieces. Any type of tag will be fantastic!!